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Brilliant Storm Timelapse

Make sure you full-screen this bad boy. Share the beauty on:

Artist Steve Spazuk Paints with Fire

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Artist Bordalo II Repurposes Trash Into Really Cool Art

  In Lisbon. Read and see more via thisiscolossal. Share the beauty on:

Graffiti Artists turn 70ft Silos into Giant Murals

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“Alien-Like” WWII Memorials

Breathtaking futurist architecture.. Photographer Jan Kempenaers spent three years travelling the countryside of Serbia and Croatio, taking pictures of these abandoned symbols of former united Yugoslavia. It's worth checking out all of these amazing structures in this longer article on the project.

Cliff House on the Mediterranean

Clean, white lines come together to create a striking form on a cliff in Alicante, Spain.  See more pictures of this gorgeous house here.

Paris through Pentax

Lovely idea. Shot through the viewfinder of the legendary Pentax camera. Share the beauty on:

A Different Type of Skyscraper

A Mexican design firm envisioned this building in Hong Kong, in an attempt to reimagine the traditional form of skyscrapers - in recent times, rectangular, glass structures  - as something that can be "as varied as the cities they're built in".  This twin tower structure would support rice paddies on its many terraces.  Read more about it here.

A Tower Design Inspired from Pine Cones

A 17 story mixed use tower inspired directly from nature by Japanese architect Sui Fujimoto. See more picture and read about it here.

Artist Creates Audio Lifeforms from Bird Songs

From Australian artist Andy Thomas, see more at his website. Share the beauty on:

Underwater Designs from Air Bubbles

A French freediver and his air bubbles. Share the beauty on:

Go to School Here

The Porter School of Environmental Studies in Tel Aviv Share the beauty on:

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